Lighting Color Keys

At we have animation classes feeding into vfx lighting classes. I created these lighting color keys on top of our animation students work to help direct the lighting students.

I had a ton of fun working on these and really want to do more. I’ve always loved light, and this project allowed me to really focus on how light affects storytelling and the mood of a scene.


A painting – process documented


Grabbed one of my many unused canvas panels the other day and did a quick creature sketch. I really just wanted something to paint, and wasn’t planning on developing the sketch.

I wasn’t satisfied with the pose though, and figured I’d scan it into Photoshop to noodle on (easier than erasing on canvas!).

I had an idea to have him posed with the sword, but still kept it a nondescript creature for quite a while (as seen when playing with expressions).

The creature wasn’t specific enough though, so I moved onto our mousy little friend. Now doing a bit of a color study before updating the drawing on the canvas, and moving onto oils.

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops once I move to paint. For better or worse, I’ll post the end result up here.

A bunny study and some animation.

These two things are not alike!

Finished up my final assignment for the term, relatively happy with where it ended up. And then a sketch of a bunny! Started as a study (source image by patricia vazquez), and then had some fun turning it into a caricature.

Advanced body mechanics complete, intro to acting starting in one week. Woot.